Fishing near sunset at Taganga, Colombia (83252)Upper Granite Canyon, Grand Tetons (99882)Bridge in Momijidani Park, Japan (30922)Antelope Canyon, Arizona (5889)Fall colors in a slot canyon, Arizona (7765)Takachiho waterfall, Kyushu, Japan (31532)Playa Grande & Rainbow, Colombia (8315)View from Ela Gap, Sri Lanka (4524)Nomad mother and child at Nam Tso, Tibet (8825)Brokpa woman with a chicken, Bhutan (5631)Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon (7738)


Hello, my name is Michael Steigerwald.   I’m pleased to share with you some photos I’ve taken in the course of my recent travels to the far corners of the world.  New galleries fo 2012 include Eastern Tibet (the Kongpo region) and the Grand Tetons, in Wyoming.

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